Whitetail Logging

Matt and Pete Jensen make up the father and son team with a combined experience of 58 years in the forestry and loggers business. In the fall of 2003, Whitetal Logging passed the Master Logger Certification Program in Wisconsin. They are one of less than 100 Master Loggers in the whole United States. Both, Matt and Pete are active members of the Wisconsin Professional Loggers Association.

Matt is the President of the State WPLA. Also, Matt is a member of the American Loggers Council, a national organization for professional loggers. He represents Wisconsin in this organization. Matt and Pete are active contributors for the “Log-a-Load” for kids program, a charity for Children’s Hospitals of Wisconsin. Whitetail Logging company uses the cut-to-length equipment of a 415 Timbco harvester and a 646 Valmet Forwarder. This setup makes their business extremely versatile in selective thinning as well as regeneration cuts in any type of terrain. They also offer hand cutting of larger log timber jobs.

Whitetail Logging is passionate about professional, ethical and proper timber management. they would be happy to show you their previous logging jobs upon request. With forestry assistance, land management consulting and many references, Whitetail Logging is the logging company to call for your property management needs.

Matt and Pete Jensen , Whitetail Logging
Crandon, WI 5420
Phone: (715) 478-2109
Email: info@whitetaillogging.com
Website: http://www.whitetaillogging.com/