I shot this 5 1/2 year old buck on November 14th. I had three pictures of him on the trail camera (click here to see), spread out from late August until late October. Jim’s food plots didn’t make the buck older, but I have no doubt that the presence of multiple plots with a variety of tasty and nutritious options helped keep this buck around my hunting area throughout the season, especially at at time when many bucks are traveling great distances and leave their home area. This was the first year I had food plots on the property, and the extra nutrition certainly didn’t hurt the mass on this buck. Finally, Jim and his crew are a pleasure to work with, honest, hardworking, and dedicated hunters themselves. It was nice to know that the guy I was working with felt my same passion for bow hunting and improving the habitat.

Eric Haag

No doubt about it! Reed & Hoppes 9 month forage pulled in this 160 inch buck like a magnet! My big buck encounters increased by 500%. These guys know how to grow and attract big bucks!

Mike Degeus

Rochester, MN

Food plots have made a huge difference in my hunting experience! I shot my buck on Oct 13 with a mouth full of beans, and I went on to have many other encounters with up and coming bucks! The guys from Reed & Hoppes will be coming back next year for sure!

Joe Braun

Lake City, MN

My brothers and I have been working with Jim over the last 2 years to develop forage and attractant plots on our properties for deer and other animals. Jim has proven knowledgeable about the soil and seed as well as hunting. He has worked hard and with great integrity to ensure that we were satisfied with the results. And the results have been great. Our properties have seen improved growth of the bucks and a higher density of deer and turkeys then in years past. We harvested 4 mature bucks on our land over the last 2 years and I believe this is a direct result of working with Jim to provide better food and habitat for the animals. I have appreciated working with Jim as he not only understands how to create good habitat but he is a fellow hunter as well.

Todd H

About three years ago I purchased a mostly wooded parcel for the purpose of hunting and recreation. It was the first time I had the opportunity to own hunting property and I wanted to be a good “steward” of the land. My first objective was to improve the habitat by providing better cover and a year around supply of food for my white-tailed deer and other species. A fellow worker recommended I contact Reed’s Custom Wildlife Plots. Jim Reed came out and walked the land with me giving me advice and suggestions about what I might want to do to meet my goals. I asked Jim to treat the land as if it were his own and he did! We came up with a long-term plan that would meet my objectives. Currently, we are on track and following the plan yet to this day. I could not be more pleased with Reed’s Custom Wildlife Plots and Jim’s efforts. Each year is something new and exciting and I look forward to this year even more than the last.

Al W.