About Us

Reed’s Custom Food Plots is a diverse land management group, specializing in helping land owners accomplish their management goals. We are honored that you’d take the time to visit our web site. As you can see, we’ve had some luck in the past. Although getting the chance to take a nice buck is the ultimate food plotting goal, we greatly appreciate the extra enjoyment we get out of our properties because we put in food plots. The state determines the length of the season and what the limits will be, but food plotting allows us to expand our season throughout the year and see more quality animals in the process. We’re confident that proper land management and food plots will make a difference in your next season.

Jim Reed

Jim Reed

Jim Reed, President
Phone: (715) 572-9311
Email: jim@foodplotting.com

  • Bachelors degree & Masters credits in education with science background
  • 15 years of cash crop farming
  • 26 years of deer hunting experience
  • based in Wausau, WI

If you are looking for Brian Hoppe please call (715) 216-4721