Jim Reed
Matt Kolling

Dozer Work

Food plots, lined or unlined ponds & access trails

Many times, the property that we own is not easy to access and does not have the openings needed to plant forage, create watering holes, or build a building on. Dozer work is a one-time investment in your property which increases its usability and total value. Reed’s Custom Food Plots owns and operates our own fleet of dozers that we use solely for the purpose of land management and improvement. With a central location, it is possible for us to easily access our entire service area, which makes creating a food plot, pond, or trail extremely affordable.

While working on your project, we always keep land conservation and deer management in mind. Our custom built root rake allows us to create a food plot that is tillable by removing debris above and below the surface while leaving as much topsoil as possible. Overburden and debris is used to the hunter’s advantage by creating funnels and more predictable wildlife travel routes. Ultimately our goal is to provide a minimally invasive service which leaves a new food plot, pond, or trail appealing to not only wildlife, but to you as well. Feel free to contact one of us and discover how affordably we can help you reach your land management goals.

Food plots, custom food plots
food plots, lined or unlined ponds and access trails
food plots, lined or unlined ponds and access trails